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BoxxyQuest: The Shifted Spires (The “Official” Sphere RPG!!)

The first ever full-length, fully playable Boxxysphere RPG: 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ … VZCQ1dBdXc 

This is the link to the game itself. You need to download this to play. 

This is the link to the RMXP software. You need to install this to run the files. The free trial version will do. See below for specific instructions. 


What is BoxxyQuest? It’s an epic fantasy saga set in the magical land of the Internet. 
A terrible, web-changing cataclysm has reformatted the virtual world and left this new Internet on the verge of total deletion. 
Now, Catie and her companions must venture out into the Sphere and work together to stop an omnicidal maniac from erasing everything they’ve ever known. 
Along the way, they’ll encounter untold dangers, wonderous places, mysterious allies, shocking secrets, and so much more… 

While playing BoxxyQuest, you can expect to find the following! :D 

> A massively epic plot-driven adventure! 

> Seven towns and Eight dungeons based on locations in the community! 

> Everyone in the Sphere is in the game somewhere! 

> Challenging bosses! 

> Nine playable characters in the party! * 

> 30-35 Hours of playtime! ** 

> Sidequests, bonus cutscenes, easter eggs, and loads of optional content! 

* Two of these are optional, via sidequests. 
** Maybe. See the corresponding question in the F.A.Q. below for details. 


First, you need to download and install the RTP for RPG Maker XP. You can find it by following the link above. This is so that the programs will run properly and prevent random crashes. The free trial version works perfectly fine, and games will still be playable once the trial period has expired. 

Once RMXP has been installed, download the game itself from the other link above. Extract all of the files and folders from the .rar archive into a safe folder. 

Once that’s done, just click on “game.exe” and you’re good to go. 

F.A.Q. - if you want to ask something about the game, check here first! 

Q. How do I [Insert basic game mechanic here]? 

A. Boxxyquest uses pretty standard fare RPG mechanics. The same basic stats and combat/exlporation systems that you’re used to if you’ve played RPGs before. 
If you’re new to the genre, there is an optional tutorial area at the start of the game. It’s called FAQ Woods, and the signposts 
dotted around will explain everything you need to know. 

Q. How do I solve [Insert dungeon puzzle here]? 

A. Keep trying! Rest assured that every puzzle has a solution. If you get really stumped, feel free to contact me or post in the thread and I’ll give a hint. 

Q. Am I in this game? 

A. Probably. I tried to include everyone I could think of. Naturally, it’s impossible for everyone to have an important, plot-affecting role; but I tied to fit 
everyone in somewhere, even if only as an NPC. If I’ve ever interacted with you before, chances are you’ll see yourself walking around at some point. 

Q. This game is bad an you should feel bad! I’m not going to finish it! D:< 

A. Remember that BoxxyQuest was originally just a little two-month side project. I’ll be the first to admit that the first act of the game is a bit 
rough around the edges because of that. It wasn’t until I actually got serious about the game that I stopped rushing and took the time to make everything perfect. 
I suggest playing at least as far as 3V3’s Spire before making any judgement calls. In my opinion, that’s the point where the RPG gets genuinely awesome. 

Q. What kind of optional content is there? 

A. There’s several different sidequests, including one bonus dungeon filled with optional bosses. As for content itself, there are two optional party members that can be recruited, many hidden items and weapons, and at least six hidden bonus cutscenes that can only be seen if certain conditions are met. The cutscenes help to advance subplots and storylines that the main plot doesn’t have time to cover, so they’re definitely worth seeing! Try to find them all! :D 

Q.How long is this game? 

A. That’s hard to say, honestly. When I did my final playtest of the finished game, it took me about seventeen hours to complete everything to 100%. However, I’m also the guy who made the game, and thus knows exactly what to do and where to go in every situation. For someone who hasn’t played the game before, I’d guess it would take maybe twice that long? Three times, maybe? So about 30-35 hours minimum for a full playthrough, I guess. :/ 

Q. Why is the filesize so huge? D: 

A. Because it’s a huge game. Before I compressed the files, it was over 1.4 gigabytes of data. With much effort, I managed to get the size down to less than half of that, but I literally cannot compress it any more than that without wrecking the game. 

Q. I there a sound test in the game? I want to listen to the background music some more. 

A. Of course there is. What kind of crappy RPG would it be without one? It’s hidden, though. Keep an eye out for suspicious locations where it might be found! :O 

Q. I’m not from the Sphere, and I’ve somehow found out about this game. I’m interested in learning more about this community. 
How can I do that? 

There’s lots of resources you can use to find information on the Sphere’s history; but the best is probably 
It’s a comprehensive wiki with articles covering every aspect of the Boxxy fandom. There’s even a community timeline if you want to look up specific dates 
for whatever reason. 

Q. I’m not from the Sphere, and I’ve somehow found out about this game. I want to get into contact with you. Is that possible? 

A. Sure! The easiest way to talk to me would be on Catie’s forum, htto:// My account name is “The Shrimp” if you want to send me a message. 
I also have a Twitter that I use sometimes, @Shrimpses, and an email address at 


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