Hey there! I'm the one sending questions to you on all the wrong places :p But anyways i was wondering if we could be siblings? You're the most awesome person ever! So i wanna add you to my Sibling thing on Facebook and very other thing! You're the best! Even if you're answer is no please reply so i know you haven't been eaten by zombie dinosaurs.

this isnt catie its just a fan page (im not even a fan anymore though lol)

im sure she’d love your enthusiasm however.

How much do you pee? How long do you pee for?
Can you tell me Catie's PO box? Her birthday is coming and I want to send hey something, please and thank you. :)

5758 Geary Blvd. #413
San Francisco, CA 94121 

can you make some screenshots of Catie in the video "How can you hate Boxxy" please? n.n she's wearing a Beatles shirt and cream cardigan, thanks c:
catie.. may i poke your arm? '-'
Love you Boxxy! You're so cute and fun to watch :) Keep up the great work

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